Finally, Kent State truth:
Audio sleuths produce
evidence that was never
given to a grand jury;
Guardsmen, then-governor
will never face justice...
(Cleveland Plain Dealer)

1995 retrospective:
Mary Ann Vecchio
'hitchhiked right
into history" that
fateful May day....

Kent's darkest day:
Photog John Filo
and his famous
'runaway' meet on
39th anniversary
of Blanket Hill...

The murdered four:
After lengthy, detailed
grand jury hearings
in Ohio, no one was
charged; justice
failed and faded...

Mary Ann Vecchio:
As the 'Runaway'
on Blanker Hill, she
'hitchhiked into
history' - Interview


epi-logue (ep'a-log) n. to say in addition, add: 1 a closing section added to a novel, play. etc., providing further comment, interpretation, or information...


This 38-minute play is dedicated to news photographer John Filo
for his Pulitzer image shot that fateful day, 4 May 1970, on the
campus of Ohio's Kent State University. Words, this play, books,
memories and newspaper clips relating to the killings will fade.
That Filo image will remain in visual archives so long as they
exist. In composing the speeches for this manuscript the
single dominating influence was an 11-by-14 inch black
and white glossy of that screaming 16-year-old runaway
over the fallen body of one of the four students killed
that day. In a measure this dedication to John Filo is
my salute to all street shooters working in the past
and today for ink-on-pulp newspapers.

--- Doral Chenoweth
Member: New York Dramatists Guild

Internet Blessings:

Periodic news stories relating to anniversaries of those
May 1970 killings appear. Selected Hyper links will be
posted to keep the story alive. A civilized society
should never forget.



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