Scene I

The naked stage. A single ceiling spot pinpoints the

small platform, the dock in this play. The reporter,

trench coat over his arm, enters and looks over the

audience. The reader can do the blocking for the

reporter who acts as moderator and prosecutor. He

has the symbolic Scale of Justice in his hand.


This is known as the Scale of Justice. I've never actually

known the history of this bit of symbolism. Really, I've

never had too much occasion to inquire. (Places the Scale

in mid-stage.) Some judge gave it to me a few years ago

when he felt I had done some public service with a piece of

what he termed fair reporting. All my life I've seen this thing

over the entrances to courthouses...or carved into the hard oak

finish of some judge's bench. You find the Scale of Justice

well-etched into stone faces of public buildings in Montgomery,

Alabama, and places like that. Newspaper cartoonists like the

Scale of Justice because it saves a lot of copy, a lot of words

to explain their story. You often see Lady Justice with

her eyes blindfolded holding the Scale of Justice. Symbolism.

I'm getting into the basics of this justice thing because I'm

not too sure the people in this room really give it much thought.

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