Another student suggested a copy of the U. S. Constitution

be buried on campus....he also came up with a name for the

organization....World History Opposed to Racism and Exploitation.

They liked to call it WHORE.


The morning protest leader was the son of an out-of-state

police chief. Another was a Silver Star winner in Vietnam.....

he burned his discharge papers that day. Radicals? Yes, according

to authorities....the Weathermen were being seen behind every

bush....now about that campus police report....the statement reads

like this: As far as seeing them, no. As far as being able to

identify them as Weathermen, no. Weathermen to us right now is

faceless. (Departs.)


I think we should stop here a moment and make a determination. First,

I must explain that I have written stories about wars, single battles.

Skirmishes. Bombings and explosions. I've covered shoot-outs and

even family feuds in West Virginia. I've even been injured in one

of these incidents. I've covered coal mine strikes and teamster

troubles. I've been in or near a half-dozen riots....the point I'm

making is that I know a riot when I see one. Our college town had

a first class riot in progress by nightfall after the White House

decided to ship more troops into total combat , Black students....

only about 600 in the 19,000....now had been aroused. All they

did was hold a meeting in mid-afternoon....the cops counted 47

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