in attendance....noting that 20 of them were known radicals....

but the action down on what was known as The Strip seemed to be

a lily white affair.


My little shop is just like a million others in this country. I

run a one-man operation. I do all my own selling and service. I

pay my taxes. I pay my bills. I go to church. It is a good life.

In a way. I make my money off the students, but I live with towns-

people. Someplace in between the two, there is polarization of

thought. And now a polarization of deed. My neighbor in the

store next door came in and told me he had been threatened by a

Peacenik....at first I wondered how anyone talking peace could do

such a thing. Someplace in between, the thought came to me to

put up two signs....one reading PEACE....the other GET OUT OF VIETNAM.

Frankly, I believed in both.


You in the fifth row, make another note. This tradesman says he's

caught in the middle of thought and ideology. He's also trapped

by hearsay. The next door tradesman comes over to tell him he's

been strong-armed by something called a Peacenik. Well, to me

this is like the wire services that report Vietnam battles and say....

"three hundred Communists were killed today...." I always wondered

about that body count....did they all rollover with their party

membership cards attached to their dog tags?


My neighbor told me the town was full of outside agitators....

the Weathermen were coming to town in army-sized strength. Board

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