up the windows, he told me. I asked him how he found out and he

said he had a friend on the police force. I was afraid not to take

precautions. On Saturday night before locking up, I took the peace

sign down. The next day, I started getting calls from townspeople....

some of them didn't identify themselves....telling to take down

that sign....GET OUT OF VIETNAM.


This proves one thing to me. If you put war on the ballot in this

country, war would win.


One of the telephone calls that Sunday morning came from a guy

who called himself....probably with no known address....a concerned

citizen. Since the students were confined to campus, and the

National Guard seemed to have the streets under control, I went

back to the store and took down my last sign. It seems you have to

kiss everyone's prat to stay in business. (Departs.)


At this point in our presentation, we need some strong voice of

authority. We need a Winston Churchill to suddenly appear and

take charge.


I kept hearing about these outside agitators coming into town.

You just heard the tradesman mention it. This campus has student

organizations of all stripes....and colors: When I was a candidate

for my position, I had the usual opposition. Now that opposition is

with me. He is standing beside me. We have made appeals to the

president of this institution to meet with me. We do want negotiations.

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