We want this university to take a firm position of peace in this

world. The townspeople just don't seem to understand that a 20-year-

old does not want to go half way around the world to fight and die

in an endless war for questionable ends.


In my next life, I plan to be an outside agitator. I always liked

to travel and those cats seem to be everywhere. Everything I read

today about civil strife, it is being whipped up by outside agitators.

I could make every tourist scene....Rome, Washington, Paris,

Montreal. I think I'd like to be an outside agitator in the Bahamas.


Well, it's Sunday morning. The weather is still pleasant....

about 65 degrees and sunny. The Guard is all over the campus, but

most of them are standing around that pile of rubble that was once

ROTC. Just what they were guarding is not clearly understood. The

president of the college is not on campus. He was out-of-state on

a speaking assignment, probably at one of the schools still open....this

is one of the things we wanted to discuss with him. With feelings

running so high, it was the feeling of rational student leaders that

this place should be closed down. Tight. End the school year.

My best friend told me that he was at his end, anyway. The draft

boards were working overtime....he wore a button that read....TRY


had one reading ROBERT McNAMARA...(Departs.)


So, he was one administration behind. The university president is

back in town, but he doesn't control his school. Neither do the

students. They are on their turf. The townspeople are in their

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