world. An armed truce exists this morning. What this town needs

is a voice of authority. (Authority enters with a can of tomato

juice, pours into plastic glass so that audience does not mistake

the contents. Places can on pedestal with name facing audience.

Delivers his lines in an angry mood.)


We're going to employ every force of law that we have under our

authority.....we are going to employ every weapon possible. (Takes

can and glass, departs. Enter Jeffrey.)

(Jeffrey is dressed in Levis, shirttail out, and with a head band

under the forelock of his long hair.)


I am one of the accusers. My name was Jeffrey Glenn Miller. My

major was psychology and I could be what you'd call an outside

agitator....except that I'm not. Someone said I was an outsider because

I was a transfer from Michigan State in January. I was always an

American first....my home is in Plainview, New York. They draft

from Plainview just like they draft from East Lansing and this town.

On Saturday night, I went to the only tourist attraction in town....

when they burned down the Rottsy building. I sat down on the grass

and took it all in. It was dark, but I figure through the flames

I got part of my message over....(uses both hands to give the Up

Your's universal sign). A spokesman of authority did employ every

weapon possible for that moment. (Slowly places a second M-l bullet

on pedestal. Departs.)

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