Jeffrey liked to listen to a rock group called the Grateful

Dead....ironically named. He wasn't much of a student, but

faced the world with a variety of his own deep interests. He

was trying to become a rock drummer....even borrowed a set of

drums to learn how to play. Like the Saturday night Rottsy

fire, he again sat down on Sunday night at the Prentice Gate

Affair....actually Jeffrey sat on top of the wall so he could

get a better view. On Monday, May 4, 1970, Jeffrey Glenn Miller

was in that dormitory parking lot....yelling with the others....even

giving the (Up Your's) universal sign of the day....he had not thrown

rocks....a bullet cut into his mouth. His life of twenty years gushed

over the sidewalk....I often look at the news picture of Jeffrey

in death and wonder if it was any different to die here in Ohio

than in some remote rice paddy .... in the deep recesses of my mind,

I have given Jeffrey Miller a hero's burial.


(Tomato juice can in hand.) The same group that we're dealing

with here today -- and there are three or four of them -- they

only have one thing in mind and that is to destroy higher education

in Ohio....you cannot continue to set fires to buildings that are

worth five and ten million dollars....(remains on dock).


Now wait right here. You in the fifth row. Recall that I said

earlier you would hear about building losses....values....that

Army officer set the value of the Rottsy building at fifty thousand....

equipment....thirty-five thousand. Keep facts in perspective.

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