No one is safe in this county. It's just that simple....no one

is safe. (Departs.)

Scene II

PRODUCTION NOTE: While the lights are down, the enlisted Guardsman

steps to curtain edge. He is at parade rest, rifle extended to

the front. Allison enters. She is a tall, beautiful brunette,

minus makeup and brassiere, wearing blue jean bell bottoms. She

places a blossom stem stemstemin the barrel of his rifle. He doesn't respond.

The reporter is not on stage.


Flowers are better than bullets. (She goes to dock.)

(The Reporter enters carrying a picket sign with the peace symbol.

He crosses the stage and leans the sign against anything handy.)


Two facts. Evidence. This girl did walk up to a Guardsman and she

did place a flower stem in the barrel of his rifle. This girl also

carried this sign .... many times.


I am one of the accusers. My name was Allison Krause. I do confess

to having strong feelings about the war in Vietnam. I confess to

being a part of the organized opposition to that war.


You in the fifth row there....if you could ask this witness about

her whereabouts last October....

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