I confess that on October fifteenth last, I did participate in

Moratorium Day. I did collect money for the anti-war movement

and I did carry a banner in a street march in this town.


Who in this room would like to question her further? No volunteers.

I think we have her on the run. I am beginning to see that we have

a typical troublemaker in the dock. There is more to the story than she's

telling. Ask her to account for her time last fall.


I do confess that I continued my anti-war feelings by going to

Washington. I did take part in the moratorium march in that city.


(Louder) Was she alone? Does a girl this young just pick up and

take off to take part in a mob scene?


I was not alone. I do confess this fact.


Now we have the pattern of a conspiracy. It takes at least

two to conspire.


I do confess that I went to Washington with my friend.


The FBI will be interested in this. So will the grand jury. Someone

should press this witness for the name.

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