I do not have to reveal the name of my friend. He is of the living.

He has a life before him. The only confession that I have to make

comes from the heart. He was my very dear friend.

(Allison drops her head, wipes away a tear. Stands in the dock.)


Enough of this badgering. I've had enough. I'll admit I've

painted this side for the townspeople....this is the kind of

information the Tradesman would get from his neighbor. This is the

picture A Spokesman of Authority would paint. This is what the

FBI read into the record for the tried and true members of the

county grand jury. Let me supply you with another fact or two.

Allison Krause was fresh out of high school in a Pittsburgh suburb....

she came to this campus and on the day she was nineteen, the president

of her nation told her boyfriend and other millions he was shortening

the Vietnam war by sending men and tanks and airplanes into another

country....the incursion into Cambodia. Apparently, he didn't

get the message over because the people who'd have to fight this

new war voiced strong objections....like trapped animals....they

rebelled. They rioted. This girl before you is a child of the

times, but I am here before you to plead her case. She played within

the system. The Tradesman and the townspeople and A Spokesman of

Authority constantly tell the Allison Krauses to....to play within

the system. This Allison Krause did her homework in the madness

of the system. She was on the disciplinary board of her dormitory....

Metcalf Dormitory. She was on the policy board of Honors College.

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