She was involved in the system as set down by people like

A Spokesman of Authority. She died with a military bullet in her

heart. Allison Krause did not....did not die with a curse on

her lips. But I would.

(Allison places a third M-l bullet on the pedestal. Departs.

Authority re-enters.)


There is no place off limits. There is no sanctuary and we are

going to disperse crowds; we are going to help the mayor enforce

the curfew. These people just move from one campus to the other and

terrorize a community. They're worse than the brown shirts and the

Communist element and also the night riders in the Vigilantes.

They're the worst type of people that we harbor in America. (Takes

tomato juice can and departs.)


William enters the dock. He looks the part of

a hippy. He is dressed in orange corduroy pants, cowboy boots,

and a blue denim jacket. But he has a military bearing, stands

at near-attention in the dock.


I am the last of the four accusers. My name was William Knox Schroeder.

If I had lived, I would probably face this situation by giving my

name, rank and serial number....like any prisoner of war. (The

reporter pauses, looks directly at William, then the audience.)

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