Oh...we can spend hours getting into specificsˇof this or that

case....I remember just a few weeks ago when justice was served in

New York....a young college student was picked up and jailed

with an impossible bond for a series of rapes. He'd been picked

out of a police line-up by a half dozen witnesses. Then the police

nabbed the real guy and The New York Times ran pictures of both

on page one to show how much they look alike. We got a tearful

story of justice being served by good police work....and how

wrong the cops had been in making a quick bust in the first

place without too much of an investigation. It was an accident

even when the real perp was nabbed....but, so be it, justice

had been served. Periodically, we hear of some guy who has

served a full sentence, usually a very long stretch in the

state pen, and then is found to be innocent. Once in a long

while the offending public body that has cost this guy his prime

of life will make some cash settlement for all the years he's

spent behind bars and away from his fellowman. Justice is being

served, we're informed....then we forget the story.

Justice can be served in many ways. Some people tell you Hitler

got what was coming to him in that Berlin bunker when he took

his own life....his life for six million Jews. Justice? Then I

hear that justice was served when Jack Ruby pumped a hole in the

gut of Lee Harvey Oswald with the TV cameras grinding. I have thoughts

about that form of justice. Maybe....just maybe that is why I'm

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