A prisoner of war? Well, yes, William Knox Schroeder was a victim

of two civil wars. One half-way around the world. One at Blanket Hill.

Nineteen years old. Lorain, Ohio. Sophomore. Psychology major.

Honor roll student. Little time for a steady girl-friend. Held no

memberships in campus organizations, radical or otherwise. Well, may

I correct that last statement. William Knox Schroeder was a member

of one militant organization. He was on a full tuition scholarship that

paid him fifty dollars a month extra....ROTC. As a Spokesman of

Authority said, he could have been among the worst type of people

we harbor in America .... for this, he died with a bullet in his



William places the fourth bullet on the pedestal,

does a military about-face and steps off.


(With can in hand.) I think that we are up against the strongest,

well-trained militant group that has ever assembled in America.

We are going to eradicate the problem -- we're not going to treat

the symptoms....there is no sanctuary for these people to burn

buildings down....it's over with in Ohio.



Authority crumples tomato can with his hands,

tosses it on stage as debris, then glances down at the four bullets.

He brushes them to the floor, belches and stomps off.

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