It is all over with in Ohio. Oh, you've heard cries for justice....

advice from all sectors to take it to a Federal grand jury. Get

the FBI involved. Get indictments. File charges. Sue somebody.

Well, nothing is going to be done. The only thing that will be done about

the four killings will be done right here in this room. If there is to be

a conviction of the guilty party responsible for the deaths at Blanket

Hill, it'll be done within your single heart. You can say to your-

self that you know who is guilty. That will be justice. Just a




The reporter steps off stage. He comes back

with a stack of newspapers, a pile of magazines, and at least four

books. He places them next to the Scale of Justice.


I want you to know that at least one investigation has been made

into the murder at Blanket Hill. You take all these newspapers....

all these magazines....and these books....and someplace you'll find

the solution. But, no single reporter or writer has pointed a

straight finger at the single killer, the one authority in total

command. Look at me and try to visualize that I am one thousand

reporters....wrapped into one. We have....or I have....sought out

a lot of answers....

(He stops as he sees the Guardsman approach the dock.)

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