(To the audience) Did she say form letter?


If anyone should ask, it was a form letter supplied to

every member of the Ohio National Guard .... paid for privately

by the general in charge. These are the things that make good

fodder for underground papers....and my people are the ones

who read the undergrounds....


Official reports of that day's activity clearly states that our

troops suffered numerous injuries as a result of rock throwing.

Two members of my company reportedly lost teeth. One member of my

company was struck in the head by a large rock. He was hospitalized.

Two members of my company were burned when they were forced to

retrieve teargas cannisters....


Forced to retrieve teargas cannisters....?????


In the execution of our duty as directed by a Spokesman of Authority,

we attempted to break up the crowds of students with gas. As we

pushed them back from Blanket Hill to the parking lot, we used

teargas. We would pull the pin from the cannister, throw, and stand

our ground. Some of the cannisters were picked up by unknown students

and thrown in the direction of the troops. This was a clear violation

of rules and tended to incite further violence....


Of course this tended to incite violence. If you were boxed in,

would you fight back? (She directs her remarks to the audience.)

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