At this point, the Tradesman returns. He

takes a place beside Student Leader. The Guardsman remains in

the dock.


I served on the county grand jury and we got reports of sniper

fire on that May 4, 1970. The general in charge reported 35 to

36 rounds of rifle fire. A Spokesman of Authority indicated that

snipers were present in the mobs and that some of those persons

killed were victims of sniper fire from within the crowd.


Was this Spokesman of Authority ever called before the grand jury?


The grand jury called many members of the National Guard, including

officers, and found that their lives were in danger. They had

been directed to protect property and to break up crowds of demonstrators.

They performed their assigned duties on May 4, 1970. It is our belief

that justice has been served and exhausted in this county. So be it.


I find it hard to believe that all the good citizens in this county

are firm in the opinion that justice has been served. Almost

ninety agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation swarmed over

this campus for days. They compiled books and books of information....

none of which has been given public study. This jury talked to almost

everyone involved....


What is meant.by....almost everyone?

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