The Spokesman of Authority?


And what about the four accusers?


At this point, Sandra, Jeffrey, Allison

and William step to the edge of the stage. Make the entry

such that Jeffrey will be nearest stage center. All are to

be wearing heavy white powder on faces to indicate death masks.


Someone has got to get this story complete....all the facts,

hear from all the sources....all the authorities....all the citizens.

(The reporter goes to the side of the dock and picks up the four

bullets. He places them slowly, one by one, back on the pedestal.

No one moves. Enter a Citizen.)


There is a cry for a report from the citizenry. So, I will make it.

We feel that the Guard did exactly what they were sent in to do: To

keep law and order. Frankly, if I'd been faced with the same situation

and had a submachine gun, there would not have been 14 shot, there

probably would have been 140 of them dead and that's what they need.

(A Citizen walks to the pedestal and brushes off the four bullets.

Steps up to the dock beside the Guardsman and salutes.)

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