here tonight....here we are on Friday night (or whatever

day and date) and 40 years after the fact. We have a job to

do tonight. We're going to examine the Scale of Justice as

it is before us this night.

We're going to pick a hypothesis to lay a foundation for this

story....a story in a mythical midwestern state where such a

thing couldn't happen. Oh, what the hell, since we're in Ohio,

let's put the story in Ohio and one of the eighty-eight counties

where justice can be served in this hypothetical, fictional case.

First, let me tell you about myself. I'm a reporter. I've

covered the cop house and I've paid my dues as a beat reporter

all the way to the courthouse. Covering the courts is considered

a more dignified job than having to get up at five o'clock

to check the overnight arrest reports for the first edition of a

p.m. newspaper. Courthouse reporters keep better hours. They're

off on holidays and generally work just like the rest of the

public payroll employees....I've covered many a murder case in

which all the evidence was what is known as circumstantial....

that is, no known witnesses to testify against the defendant.

If Lee Harvey Oswald had stuck around to face trial, he'd been

up against circumstantial evidence. No one saw him pull the

trigger from that School Book Depository Building.

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