Bruno Richard Hauptmann was convicted in the Lindbergh

kidnapping after the grains of wood in a ladder were matched

with those taken from a house he once lived in....circumstantial.

Even the famous Sherlock Holmes cases, no one sees the crime

at the moment of actual commitment. Makes a better story for

the reader when you leave a lot to imagination....like everyone

knows the butler did the old broad in, but who'll tell in the

first chapter? I can't recall a single Conan Doyle mystery

that even used a witness to bring the criminal to the bar of

justice. It just ain't done that way.

For the major element of a good mystery, one should have good

guys and bad guys. For one to kill another, there should be



(Single overhead spot goes to the dock.)


I am one of the accusers. My name was Sandra Lee Scheuer. I

was a junior and knew where I was going in this world. And in

this university.

(Second spot to reporter.)


Sandy was a genius when it came to experiencing life. Look at

her. Doesn't she look like the typical college student? Nope.

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