Not really. Sandy was not the typical....typical student. She

didn't dress the part of her contemporary. In fact, she grabbed

the first opportunity to move out of a dorm and into her own

room....a room that was always neat....even to having the bed

made when she left for class. Ever hear of a revolutionary making

the bed before a war? Sandy was the type of student who didn't have

time to get involved in this business of "doing one's thing", or

whatever. She could find time....at times, to sip a social bit of

wine, to drink a beer or two with a friend. Once she even took a

drag off a joint. Habit? Not on your life....she once told a friend

she didn't bother with the stuff going around because she didn't

want to become dependent on anything.


I remember that on Friday night....when the kids were breaking

windows along Water Street....l was in the Moon-Glo Roller Rink.


On Saturday night, Sandy was in her room....boning for an exam.

Saturday night. This was the night the ROTC building was put

to the torch. Destroyed. Not the act of one man, one woman.

It was done by a mob of five hundred students who were mad at

the military....anything military. Reason? The man sitting in

the White House had campaigned on a promise of having a.secret plan

to end the war in Indochina,,,,now, almost beyond comprehension for

these five hundred chanting, screaming, draft-age people, this man

in the White House had moved heavy combat forces into Cambodia....

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