I could hear the street noises, but I could not see from my

room....went to the front of the house and there were

the flames. People were running up and down the street.


A tactical mistake....possibly the first, came Saturday

night when the mayor clamped a curfew on his town. The

students were to remain on campus....eight o'clock is an

early time when the juices of spring are rising, when the

night is clear. Contained was the word. The students were

contained by blue uniforms. One ran up to the old frame

ROTC structure and tossed a match on a curtain. Another threw

in a railroad fuse. One of them was more workmanlike in his

efforts. He uncapped the gas tank of a motorcycle and doused

a rag....1it the match, and put it to the curtain....the fire

climbed the wall and brought in the fire department under a

rain of rocks and curses. A campus riot squad arrived, but were

dispersed by one firecracker tossed in their ranks. The students

were in command....the ROTC building was rubble....a colonel later

set the loss at $50,OOO....ah, you in the fifth row there....make

notes. Fifty thousand dollars. You'll hear more evidence in this

testimony about the loss of buildings and property.


I was on the front porch when the National Guard arrived. They

were in trucks and Jeeps....some even walked up the street

like they were going to McDonald's. They had on helmets and

carried guns. Even while some of them were walking along our

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