SANDRA: (continues)

street, we started to smell teargas fanning over the town....

there wasn't much wind that night, just enough to spread

it around like a drop of oil spreading over a glass of water.


This was Saturday night, May 2, 1970. These same National

Guardsmen had been out on another civil disorder....a labor

strike. They were tired and hungry. Now they were coming

onto campus, the seat of a natural enemy of sorts. Here was

a nation choosing up sides for an internal fight. More than

four hundred college campuses had been closed down when the

White House delivered the famous "incursion" announcement that

a war no one wanted was being expanded. Berkeley was the

likely place for real trouble. Why not Columbia University?

But, they're the extremes....let's confine ourselves to where we

started this soliloquy, here in the quiet of the midwest, here in

Ohio. For sake of discussion, let us assume the National Guard

moved onto our campus with live ammunition in their M-l rifles.


I am a major in speech therapy and my concern was with this

little boy with a lisp. Most of my morning had been spent with

him and now I wanted to get back to my room....I still had that

exam facing me. But the campus was a mess. I came out of Taylor

Hall and saw all these people coming around from the Pagoda and

Blanket Hill. It was the long way, but I headed for the parking

in front of Prentice Hall to get away from the turmoil....it was

in that parking lot....

(She places an M-l bullet upright on the pedestal. Departs.)

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