This nation was in turmoil and choosing up sides. The man

in the White House was getting a message. He had set

a firm date for withdrawal from Cambodia. He was saying nothing

about Vietnam. On Sunday a Spokesman of Authority had come

to this Ohio campus. His National Guard was in command with

live ammunition. Sandra Lee Scheuer was struck in the neck

with a round from an M-l rifle. Her young body crumpled when

her windpipe was cut in two. Instantly. A nation was now at war

with its young. Instantly.


(From the dock.) Every boy in this town tonight who has

long hair is a Weatherman....SDS. I want to read to you what the

chief of campus police said....


(Making a sudden move in her direction.) Just a minute....

(looking at the audience). Now the rules of presenting evidence

wouldn't permit this....hearsay. Not admissable as evidence.

(The reporter stops and ponders his own edict. Rubs both hands

over and down the back of his head, closing eyes as in deep

thought, then looks into the front row.) Why not? I'm sure

that all this has been read into the record of one grand jury

or the other....so why not let you have a crack at it? One grand

jury actually got this case, but no one ever learned just what

happened....another high jury indicted the student body president.

Tonight, we don't play by the rules of evidence. We play by the

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